Xmpp domains iceland

Hérna ætla ég mér að halda utan um lista yfir þau fyrirtæki sem eru að nýta sér XMPP chat fyrir samskipti.

*Ef þú vilt ekki vera á listanum látu mig vita, einnig ef þú vilt komast á listan láttu mig vita.

Til þess að komast á listan þarftu að uppfylla þau skilyrði að SRV record séu til fyrir XMPP þjónustuna þína sjá neðan, einnig að þú sért að svara á viðkomandi porti.

XMPP Domains that I know where/are open for chat.

  • Sensa.is
  • wuxinextcode.com
  • ikea.is
  • Askja.is
  • 365.is
  • Atlanta.is
  • Cisco.com
  • Borgun.is
  • Jabber-ccc.de
  • Holt.is
  • Utn.stjr.is
  • Ikea.lt
  • ikea.is
  • Mountainhigh.info
  • Kopavogur.is
  • Lhg.is
  • Vis.is
  • Penninn.is
  • 66north.is
  • Sahva.dk
  • eftasurv.int
  • landsbankinn.is
  • vifilfell.is
  • ionhotel.is
  • innnes.is
  • icetra.is
  • samgongustofa.is
  • landspitali.is
  • sak.is
  • landspitali.is


XMPP SRV records 

_xmpp-server._tcp.example.net. TTL IN SRV priority weight port target

Example 1 

_xmpp-server._tcp.example.net. 86400 IN SRV 5 0 5269 example.net.

Lync 2013 / Skype for buisness Public Federation with Jabber Cisco Presence

After many test I have found out that this is very possible.

It involves setting up skype for buisness front end, and backend. And making the backend forward messages to the Cisco Presence server.

Then make the Presence server forward chats back to the Skype server.

This works very well and is tested.

How To Install PolicyD on Zimbra 8.7 !

What is Policyd?

Policyd is an anti spam plugin.

How To Install Policyd on Zimbra 8.7 ? Running Centos 6 ?


# Activate Policyd WebUI
Run the following command as root

cd /opt/zimbra/data/httpd/htdocs/ && ln -s ../../../common/share/webui


Edit file /opt/zimbra/common/share/webui/includes/config.php and putting “#” on front of all the lines beginning with $DB_DSN and adding the following line just before the line beginning with $DB_USER.

nano /opt/zimbra/common/share/webui/includes/config.php


end with This enables the service.

su - zimbra
zmprov ms `zmhostname` +zimbraServiceInstalled cbpolicyd +zimbraServiceEnabled cbpolicyd

Then Restart


su - zimbra -c "zmcontrol restart"
su - zimbra -c "zmapachectl restart"


You should have access now to your http://zimbraserver:7780/webui/index.php

Ofc you need now to config the policyd however I will not going into that here

Note if you disabled IPV6 on your server policyd will not start, so it needs enabling ipv6 even if your not using it..

Mac Stuff

As I was deploying lots of osx to a 2012 windows AD,

we started having up to 60 sec delay on loggin in to macbook pros when they where offline or not wired.

This line fixed it , and wow did it take long time to find.

You can play around with the end value ( 5 ) which is the timeout to wait for the bind to complete.

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.loginwindow DSBindTimeout -int 5

Funny that Apple does not post these commands under their howto